delta-t COCKPIT: The Business Agility AI Copilot

Mission, benefits, functions, features, pricing

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* Why use the delta-t COCKPIT AI Co-Pilot? Agile business management requires both capability in leading by the seven principles of agile business management and management efforts to lead. The delta-T COCKPIT AI Co-Pilot provides both.
* What is the delta-t COCKPIT AI Co-Pilot?
A rules based expert system guiding and taking on to lead by the seven principles of agile management,.
* How to use the delta-t COCKPIT AI Co-Pilot?
The delta-t COCKPIT AI Co-Pilot is a management workhorse for managing business agility.

Twofold mission

The delta-t COCKPIT AI Copilot has a twofold mission;

To guide business leaders

to achieve their goals despite accelerated change:

  • Business goals: as set by the business‘s financial strategy,
  • For leadership in the markets.
  • Excelling against competition by faster adaptation to change. and

To guide business consultants

to deliver consulting in partnership with the delta-t COCKPIT AI Copilot. Consulting to business leaders in setting up and use of the delta-T COCKPIT AI Copilot.

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Benefits for business leaders

For business leaders the delta-t COCKPIT AI Copilot offers these benefits:

  • Like a bulldog it focuses all efforts on delivering one single company goal
  • Guides to organize for agility: by goal responsible leaders of units
  • Supports developing 1-page plans to deliver the vital few initiatives
  • Users can access it 24 hours by 7 days anywhere in the world
  • It drives outpacing competitors with faster operational sprints.

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Functions of delta-t COCKPIT guide business management teams to lead by the seven principles of business agility management:

  • Clear accountability for focused flow is assigned,
  • One single goal is set to drive all agility initiatives,
  • Goal responsible units are identified and charged with leading constraint resolving iniatives
  • 1-page operational plans summarize the initiatives to resolve constraints
  • Such iniatives are executed impeccably (possibly the most difficult task of all)
  • Constraints are observed continuously, serving agile adaptation of operational plans
  • After each sprint, operational plans are adjusted to changes required to continue resolving constraints
  • Capability in business agility management is measured, for each unit, so opportunities to improve become visible.


Several features set the delta-t COCKPIT apart:

  • Industry independent: Serves any industry – for instance finance, information technology, trade, pharmaceutics, machine building, construction, etc.
  • Scalable: Serves small start ups with onge single business unit up to worldwide enterprises with a large number of units, organized for agility in both hierarchical and matrix organitation
  • Worldwide: Resides in the Internet, so available for use anywhere in the world
  • Integrated: All features required for business agility management in one single system
  • Up to date software design: Cloud based, software as a service, latest version of Java (Java8), containerized.


The delta-t COCKPIT AI Copilot license comes in three options, by size of organization to be managed:
Standard: AI Copilot for one single unit - for example an SMB, or for starting up.
Premium: AI Copilot for a hierarchical organization: 1 top unit, unlimited numner of hierarchical layers and units
Enterprise: AI Copilot for multiple units, organized both in hierarchy and matrix (example: Divisions and Countries)

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