What is business consulting with delta-t COCKPIT?

Business model example: delta-t COCKPIT

Client's management team

Leads the organization to top performance and competence in business agility management.

Agility consultant

Guides clients (as member of the management team) to top performance in business agility management - by presenations, business agility workshops, "get going" project management, agility consulting by subscription.

Delta Institute

Complements consulting by coaching consultants and licensing the delta-t COCKPIT to clients.

Two examples

Two examples for consulting with AI Copilot:

Swissquote Robo Advisor

* Proposes optimal portfolio to achieve the investment goal
* Executes investment decision
* Re-evuates regularly
Consultant guides user in using the Robo Advisor

delta-t COCKPIT Business Agility Copilot

Guides to 
* Design optimal portfolio of initiatives to achieve the business goal
* Execute these initiatives
* Re-evaluate regularly
Consultant guides user in using the dela-t COCKPI

Benefits for consultants

Consulting with the delta-t COCKPIT AI Copilot offers several benefits for consultants:

More value for clients: consulting with the delta-t COCKPIT delivers impact in form of achieving the business goal – instead of recommending methods and leaving it to the client to implement

More income: The delta-t COCKPIT can be used by consultants for several clients at the same time, enables more billable time and generates additional income from commission for the delta-t COCKPIT

Lower cost: The delta-t COCKPIT takes over a significant part of consulting, which results in reduction of travel/hotel expenses

Continuous consulting: The delta-t COCKPITS guides the client 24 hours by 7  days – always online, always available to serve.

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Consulting with rule-based expert system disrupts traditional consulting

AI disrupts traditional business consulting:

•Replaces a large share of traditional person-to-person consulting by !AI-to-person” consulting


•Replaces traditional delivery of methods advice (“I advise you – you implement”) by impact consulting (“I guide you to achieve results”)

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