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The manual for agile operational leadership:

  • How to set operational goals,
  • How to view a business as ecosystem to view the flow,
  • How to build 1-page plans that work,
  • How to contiuously adjust to change by spinning the PEC (plan-execute-check) cycle.

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Unblock the power of your salesforce!

"Today we are not only convinced, that in a certain moment there is only one constraint hindering success in sales, but that the main constraint are we ourselves, the sales mangers. Sales management must change, must be redefined from scratch.
Then, sales management must lead sales through this change.
Lead your sales organization into a world where cost cutting is not your prime job, where you are not victim of the economic situation any longer. A world where you can lead again, instead of being led."
William Woehr and Dieter Legat

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English and German edition: From TOC Goldratt bookshop
Japanese edition: ISBN 978-4-496-04560-8