What is business agility management?

Business agility management: Second, complementary management system to cope with acceleration.

Traditional business management

  • Manages business "as is"
  • Too slow to cope with change.
  • Not nimble enough to adjust.

Business agility management

  • Leads continuous transformation to take advantage of acceleration
  • Drives enterprise flexibility
  • Outpaces the competition
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Benefits of business agility management for business leaders

Business agility management offers several significant benefits for business leaders:

•Success: Business leaders achieve sustainable results (their business goals) despite accelerated change. Without managing agility business leaders cannot cope with such acceleration.

•Flexibility: Short operational sprints drive continuous adaptation and transformation.

•Accountability: Rather than leading business agility with a “program” it clarifies accountability of unit line managers.

•Focus: Agility initiatives focus on the vital few initiatives to be taken.

•Winning: Enterprises with higher agility win over slower adapting competitors.

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Business agility management is unlike agile project management

Agile project management

  • Project manager leads team to project goal.

Business agility management

  • Top management leads the entire business to continuous success - despite accelerated change
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Business agility management:
Seven principles

1. Recognize business as ecosystem.
2. Focus on one single goal.
3. Give priority to revenue generating units.
4. Select only initiatives resolving constraints.
5. Drive short operational sprints.
6. Respond to change after each sprint.
7. Lead the change.

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